Shorter articles

Luther on women pastors

Did Martin Luther have anything to say on the issue of women pastors? Read this article to find out.

An evaluation of the 2000 CTICR statement on women’s ordination

In this article the author examines the CTICR statement which concluded that ‘on balance, Scripture permits women’s ordination’, and asks what exactly we are to make of it.

‘Ordained by God’ brochures

In the year 2001 a group of Lutheran pastors and lay-people set out to produce a series of brochures which explored the various issues in the women’s ordination debate. These are here reproduced in pdf format.

 Reflections on the beauty of being a non-ordained woman in the church

One Lutheran lay woman shares her story of the confusion she feels from the pressure to advocate the cause of woman pastors, and the beauty she sees in being a non-ordained Christian woman.

Really receiving

A woman who says she always thought she would’ve made a great pastor, but came to see being a woman is far better.


Even if people have different views on the question of the ordination of women, perhaps it is an ‘adiaphoron’, that is something neither commanded nor forbidden? This short article argues otherwise.

Only two passages?

It’s sometimes heard that this whole debate comes down to ‘only two passages’. This article examines to what extent ‘frequency of passages’ is relevant.

Culturally conditioned teaching

Is the tradition of ordaining men only based on temporary, local prohibitions as is sometimes claimed? Read here for the argument that this is simply not the case.

What about a woman pastor who celebrates the sacrament?

Beyond the question of whether or not women should be ordained is a question about the validity of their pastoral acts. This article examines this issue particularly in relation to Holy Communion.

Junia, Junias and women’s ordination (Rom 16:7)

Have you heard questions raised about the mysterious figure of Junia/as at the end of Paul’s letter to the Romans and her relationship to the Apostles? Read this article for a clear and concise look at the text and evidence.

What do the Scriptures say about themselves

In the discussion over women’s ordination sometimes the validity of the Scriptures themselves are called into question. This handy little resource sets out in tabular form what the Bible says about itself.